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Her birthday is tomorrow...?

My fiance left me on the 24th of Jan. She said she is in love with me and still loves me...but has to deal with life on her own for right now. Too much stress etc. She said i smothered her...but only as telling her I love her all the time....always asking if she needed anything. I thought that is what you do when you are in love with are always there for them. Tomorrow is her birthday..I miss her so much. I have not even spoken to her. I wrote her a letter that stated that I will leave her alone to figure out her life. I want to text her and tell her happy birthday. I also wanted to send her flowers for Valentines day. She and I may not be together anymore, but she will always be my valentine. She once told me if I left her she would fight like hell for that she left me I want to fight like hell for her. I want to put that on a card and send it to her. Is that a good idea? What is your opinion? Especially women.

Her birthday is tomorrow...? sound so sweet. Many girls wish for a guy like you. I think you should send her flowers for her birthday and a card but maybe you shouldn%26#039;t send her anything for valentine%26#039;s day since she left ya......its too much of an approch, but don%26#039;t give up.
Reply:Don%26#039;t let her get away. She sounds very special! I%26#039;d buy her something small. If you get her something expensive, she%26#039;ll still think you%26#039;re smothering her. Good Luck!!!
Reply:That sounds like the sweetest thing to do, and you make perfect sense. I dont understand why she is sending you mixed signals though. You should do what feels right, and let her know how you feel then go from there. But dont go to overboard. A note and flowers sounds perfect! Good Luck!
Reply:Nope, why should you send her a card for her birthday when she dumped you?

When she let you go, she let all these things go too, this is part of you.

If you give her these kind of things, it shows her that it%26#039;s ok for her to dump you %26amp; not have you in her life, yet she still gets the bonus%26#039;s from you.

Basically, the break up is raw, so if she has any inconsideration for you, she won%26#039;t be mad to not recieve a card or present from you on her birthday.

So no don%26#039;t do it.. seriously, your just putting yourself in a vulnerable position and letting her have her cake %26amp; eat it.

Just send her flowers and a nice little note and that%26#039;s it dont do anything else.
Reply:Yes, don%26#039;t give up on her!!
Reply:guy? what do you have to lose?just go for it.a little suggestion for you.while she%26#039;s working on her life why not figure yours out?i know its soon but get out there you never know there might be another mis right for you.tough to do when in love but what if things dont work out then thats just more time you%26#039;ve lost finding you path in life.i would send flowers and a b-day card.then you might find out whats going to happen

My fiancee is moving in soon from out of town and it's pretty close to her birthday. What should I get her?

I%26#039;ve already bought her jewelry, flowers , and clothes on previous birthdays.

My fiancee is moving in soon from out of town and it%26#039;s pretty close to her birthday. What should I get her?
Make it really special. Buy all those things and other things she likes. Take her out to lunch and dinner and a movie. You can go bowling or ice skating in the afternoon. At night put on some Romantic Music and dance with her. Stay with her the entire day. That will make her really happy and it will be one of the best birthdays.
Reply:Well, you%26#039;ve pretty much topped it! Jewelry, flowers (including roses??), clothes? Wow. Why don%26#039;t you take her out to an expensive, romantic restaurant?

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What is a perfect birthday present for my girlfriend around 17?

I love her so much, i%26#039;ve bought her lots of flowers and a bracelet, it%26#039;s her birthday and i dunno what to buy. please help me.

What is a perfect birthday present for my girlfriend around 17?
a baby sitter
Reply:A .380 Walther.
Reply:Aww, how cute. %26lt;3

Maybe you could buy her something to signify your relationship.

Like... a necklace with both your initials engraved on it.

Or, since you already got her a piece of jewelery, you could get her something that she likes? Like clothes! Every girl loves clothes :)
Reply:A beautiful heart necklace. If it opens, put a picture of the two of you together or one of you. If it is not one that opens, engrave the back with something like this: With Love on your birthday, and sign you name, or date it and put : With Love, Your name.

She will love that it has been personalized.
Reply:I think what you have already bought her should be enough, but if you insist on buying something else, try a bottle of her favorite perfume. Or a simple night out to a movie.

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Preserving/Drying Flowers?

I recieved a beautiful boquet of flowers bought at the florist for my birthday. I really want to preserve or dry them so I can keep them forever. What is the best way to do this that is easy and doesn%26#039;t cost a lot of money?

Preserving/Drying Flowers?
You can purchase inexpensively a granular drying product at most craft stores that you cover the flowers in and %26quot;cook%26quot; in the microwave. They won%26#039;t fade or shrivel up like plain drying can do. You can also press them and then put them in picture frames.
Reply:Put the petals of the flowers in between a book for a few weeks.
Reply:Showers aren%26#039;t dry places so don%26#039;t hang them there. dark dry places are the best places to hang them.Some species don%26#039;t dry or preserve well, be prepared to lose them.Maybe dry them and use them as potpourri..add scented oil when they need them...they%26#039;ll last longer as potpourri in a bowl than as stemmed flowers.
Reply:Laminate them . GENTLY lay out the flower, and put a piece of wood on top of it, and put weight on top of the wood for a few days. Then, laminate them.
Reply:Doc.Shell is right. Someone had told me the same way.
Reply:The best way to dry flowers is to hang them upside down.

If you have a deep freezer I would put them in there. My friend put her corsage from her 7th grade prom in there and it looked just the same as the day she got it even a few years later. :)
Reply:take them from the water and bind all the stems together and then use a clothes pin to hang them upside down on a coat hanger, then hang from your bathroom shower curtain rod. Within a few days they should be dry.


Birthstones/flowers/etc for my daughter?

I know that there are different birthstones, flowers, and other symbols assigned depending on when someone was born. My daughter was born August 14th, 2007. I%26#039;m wondering what stones, flowers or other symbols may represent her birthday/year/month. I%26#039;m thinking of getting a symbolic tattoo and I%26#039;m trying to brainstorm some options.

Birthstones/flowers/etc for my daughter?
How about a double moon, August 14th starts the Double Moon month of the Norse. Check out this website Also, besides the Gladiola, the poppy is also her flower.
Reply:you might try getting a tattoo of her star sign. here is an article on august hope it helps
Reply:The August birthstone is called Peridot and its colour is yellow and green. August birthstone has and still is being used as a means to connect to nature in particular belief systems such as Paganism. The word Peridot comes from and Arabic word which means %26#039;Gem%26#039;, the ancient Egyptians called the August birthstone %26#039;Gem of the Sun%26#039;. The Peridot stone comes from a mineral known as Olivine. Another Birthstone for August is called Sardonyx:

The August Birth Flower is the Gladiola, this flower is native to South America but grows in the US and Europe also. It is often referred to as the %26#039;Sword Lilly%26#039; and it is purple in colour.
Reply:Birth Flower of August

Gladiola :The sword like blossoms of the gladiola are responsible for its name and also for its symbolic meaning of strength of character. August birthdays are also known for a strong sense of character and moral integrity. The gladiola also reminds us that strength of character and integrity can look gorgeous and be full of rich personality.

Birthstone of August

Peridot: It is mentioned throughout the Bible, and early Christians considered it sacred. Traditionally wear a ring of peridot and amethyst as a symbol of purity and morality. Napoleon once made a gift of peridot to Josephine as a symbol of undying love and admiration.

Zodiac Sign

Leo: The majestic lion, the King of the Beasts, is Leo%26#039;s symbol. Throughout history, the lion has symbolized sovereignty, rulership, and courage. Leos, like lions, are thought to be strong leaders. They generally have a regal quality to them, and possess a noble manner that is hard to miss.
Reply:The August birthstone is peridot.
Reply:just go to the book store and look it up it varies depending on culture.

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Flowers ...?

I have started buying my wife flowers randomly for no specific reason like birthday or aniversary, just like that out of the blue.

How common is this? Does you partner buy you flowers for no specific reason?

Flowers ...?
No mine didn%26#039;t after we were married I asked him too and instead he came home with a metal flower saying there you can look at that when ever you want flowers and best yet it won%26#039;t die on you.. Totally missed the point.

I think thats very sweet of you just to do it cause you want to not for any specific reason just cause you want to.

Good job your going to get more honey from your bee this way. It does%26#039;t always have to be the big extravegant gifts all the time little things count too.

Good job
Reply:That was so very thoughful of you St. Anger just the thought means alot. I will picture it in my mind the pretty flowers you would have sent.

Your to kind.

Happiness always

Jane :-) Report It

Reply:I love when my husband buys me flowers. It shows that he still cares and thinks about me. You can never go wrong buying your special someone flowers. is a good place to find a florist in your area. Report It

Reply:I rarely get flowers from my partner. Usually I buy for myself. I don%26#039;t like the cheap ones at the grocery store I prefer from the fresh flower stand or farmers market.

I had a guy that did that for me every week it was really sweet...he rented my basement and on payday he would pay his rent and bring me flowers and he%26#039;d make dinner. It was really sweet.

I had a boyfriend who frequently bought me flowers and placed them next to my bed and an other who bought me rose bushes so I would always have flowers. It%26#039;s a nice memory thanks for reminding me.

BTW...Keep up the good work;)
Reply:You are such a sweet husband and your wife is a lucky lady. I have been married for 18 years and I think in the last 10yrs I may have gotten flowers once. Keep it up--I know your wife must love it!
Reply:its the sweetest thing!!i dont have a partner!!
Reply:How sweet! The most wonderful time was once my husband came home with his arms literally full of wildflowers, he could barely get through the doorway - it was fantabulous. He was working just outside the city and went and gathered them for me just before he came home. That meant more to me than any florist flowers!
Reply:I wish he would
Reply:Yes, I buy my wife flowers.....every few months.... for NO reason.....
Reply:That%26#039;s so sweet. It always makes my day when my husband sends me flowers out of the blue.

Next time sign the card %26quot;your secret admirer.%26quot; I always get a kick out of that :-)
Reply:No, my husband is prohibited from buying me flowers... LOL I tell him, just give me cash instead... Flowers is such a cliché, and a waste of money... He is so thoughful anyways, he always does things for me, I really don%26#039;t need clichés to know that he cares.
Reply:That is a very beautiful gesture. It is the little things that make a woman%26#039;s heart flutter. Even if it is a hand written note saying, %26quot;I love you.%26quot; Never stop doing the simple things. God bless you and your family
Reply:No, and I%26#039;m glad he doesn%26#039;t. Flowers are just a waste - they die in a few days and it%26#039;s just not worth it. 2 years ago we went to a Renaissance Festival and my husband bought me a handmade wooden rose - the detail is extraordinary - and I keep it in our bedroom on the chest of drawers - to me it%26#039;s the perfect flower because it will last forever and that%26#039;s all I need.
Reply:flowers are a nice, romantic gesture . . but I guess it depends on what the woman likes . . . my fiance has never given me flowers because he thinks they are a waste of money . . they%26#039;re just going to die anyway . . so he buys other things that he knows I like, like chocolates and things like that . . . any romantic or thoughtful gesture is always appreciated by me . . .
Reply:No and I like flowers. But he buys me other things, like Beavis and Butt-Head seasons 1, 2, 3 which I love. It just helps to be in tune with your partner, don%26#039;t have to go by the general standard, find something she loves.
Reply:My Husband does this and I love it.

He sent me 100 roses on our wedding day.

He sent me 3 dozen roses when we moved into our new house.

He sent me 2 dozen roses the day of our daughter%26#039;s birthday.

He sent me 1 dozen yellow roses and chicken noodle soup because I was having a bad day.

Your wife is very fortunate to have a Husband as caring and thougtful as you -- Bravo!
Reply:Yes, occasionally....what I really adore is that he knows how much I love pink carnations.........and when I get pink carnations it melts my heart.......roses are so cliche%26#039; in my opinion...every woman gets them.....I love pink carnations laced with forget-me-knots.......

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Boy birthday help/ideas!?

I%26#039;m 15, my boyfriend is turning 17 this thursady, i just had my birthday yesterday and he brought me flowers, we have been going out for like a month, what do i get him? he%26#039;s into football and sports, that kind of thing.

Boy birthday help/ideas!?
well...try renting a lot of sports movies and go out to dinner and then stay home and watch movies all;ll be SO romantic...

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